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~~Moin Moin, FolkHart Friends & Cousins~~

In case you have not heard:

Wind-Mill & FolkHart Projects have new URL addresses:

FolkHart Project:

~The Wind-Mill~
Periodical of Frisian/Germanic Heritage:

Please be SURE to adjust your bookmarks & any reciprocal LINKS on your pages to reflect these changes. Thanks.

Important Note: Despite our making the transition to above URLs with plenty of forwarding notice pages at old ISP, foul-ups at their server apparently confused things for many. Further, some webpages linking to ours (at old URLs) seem slow at updating URL addresses; so you may occasionally run into the OLD URLs when "surfing." We trust this Announcement helps clarify things and steers you in the right direction to find our beautiful, informative, and unique TWM and FolkHart pages!

Be sure to visit our Living Platt Valentine and our FolkFest pages, and enjoy the lovely art and music there. Tschüss!

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Please write us at our current address. Dank.

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